Art Copy OC
At we offer high quality copy reproductions for artwork of all mediums and media such as, but not limited to: Oil Paintings, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Musical Instruments. Need us to go on location? No Problem.
We offer film and digital reproductions. See our formats.

We at understand the needs of artists, museums, galleries, and private collectors for high quality copy reproductions of artwork they produce or collect.

In the studio, located in Santa Ana, CA , we specialize in copying flat, unmounted art up to 20 x 24 inches, oil paintings (framed or unframed) up to 10 feet, and three-dimensional art from jewelry to artwork up to 10 feet by 10 feet.

We are also available for location assignments. We have photographed artist shows and galleries in Orange County as well as private collections for insurance purposes locally and in Palm Springs.

Depending on your requirements, we can copy artwork on film or digitally. Film reproductions are available on color transparency film in 35mm or 4x5 inch formats. We also offer the highest quality oil-mount scanning for these film formats. All two-dimensional copies are shot with color bars on color tested and corrected film.

Digital files are currently available up to 90 megabytes, suitable for 36 x 48-inch photographic or inkjet printing. Two-dimensional digital copies are shot with color bars and color corrected before delivery.

Our pricing is geared to the needs of artists. Please visit the rest of the site, then send us an e-mail from the Contact page so we can keep in touch and inform you of specials.